Gas purchase with just a simple click

Gasapp reduces the stress of leaving your home to purchase fuel by enabling you order for fuel from the comfort of your home with just few clicks on your mobile device

Value assured

Gasapp value services
lightspeed delivery

Lightspeed Delivery

When you make an order, we ensure you have your fuel gets delivered to you before you even think of reaching for the clock

lightspeed delivery

Order Choice

We are called Gasapp but not limited to the delivery of gas orders. You can make order for other available petroleum products such as petrol, kerosene and diesel

lightspeed delivery

Trusted Vendors

Gasapp has a plethora of trusted businesses onboard who are always ready to take your orders and ensure you get the best quality of petroleum products your money can buy.

lightspeed delivery

Reliable Dispatchers

We employ the services of well scrutinized and experienced dispatch riders to ensure your orders reach your door step on time and in one piece

Making an order is super easy



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Earn as a Dispatcher

Gasapp Dispatcher gasapp dispatcher icon

Register as a Gasapp Dispatcher and get paid per delivery you complete.

You are eligible to be Gasapp dispatch rider if :

You are above 18 years age
You have a vehicle (wagon, minibus, or pickup)
You have a valid driver's licence

Start your registration by downloading our dispatcher app.

Business on Gasapp

Gasapp Vendor gasapp wholesaler icon

Vendors consist of filling stations and gas stations that sell petroleum products in large scale

You are eligible to be a Gasapp vendor if :

You are a registered business under the CAC
You have a verifiable business address
You have a valid contact information

Start your registration by downloading our vendor app.